What’s the Aamzon Product Ranking SEO or Specific Keywords Rank for Amazon

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What’s the Aamzon Product Ranking SEO or Specific Keywords Rank for Amazon

Now a days Amazon product ranking SEO or specific keyword ranking for Amazon , getting popular to the seller than sponsor ads or PPC campaign. But most of the seller in Amazon haven’t fluent idea on Amazon product search ranking by specific keywords. Even they don’t know how it’s work for make sales and what’s the benefit of Amazon SEO? They don’t know how SEO work can increase and boost daily sales? Also they haven’t any idea on buyer targeted specific keywords for his products.

Today, we will discuss some of essential thing like that.

Aamzon Product Ranking SEO Point Include


 What’s the specific Keywords?

What’s the specific Keywords?

specific Product Keyword


Keyword is the nick name of your products which are using by the buyers. Most of the buyers usages some words those are using Amazon search bar to help people find the appropriate products those words are called keywords for Amazon. Keyword has monthly search volume. You should target high volume keyword for your product to target your most of the buyers, because of your sales will depends on keywords.

How to research best keyword? Click here.


What’s the Aamzon Product ranking SEO or Specific keywords rank for Amazon?

The Amazon search engine is a treasure chest of customers wanting to give you more money by gets a good position in Amazon. Amazon product rank means the good position of your product in Amazon 1st page by your customer targeted keywords. So, it’s also called specific keyword rank in Amazon for target buyers and make sales. If people and the customers don’t find your product by their search results then here is no chance to get sales even get some hits on your item. Search visibility is very important for make sales for a  products . So you should increase your product search visibility to your customers. Amazon product ranking SEO is the best way to make a product more visible to your customers makes more sales everyday.

You can make your product TOP#1, under TOP#5 and under#10 by some of the keywords. And if you can rank multiple keyword rank in top position in Amazon 1st page then it’s easy to get best seller rank.

make your product TOP#1, under TOP#5

What’s the benefit of Amazon SEO?

Sales actually depends on your product demands. But we said if your product won’t come in search results for buyer keyword then how you wish to make sales? Amazon Product search ranking seo will give you a very good search results for your product keyword and then we can really expect some sales. According to Amazon US, a page 1 rank can makes minimum 30 sales a day. If your product has heavy demands and it’ll stay in under top#5 in amazon 1st page then you can expect 50 sales everyday and it’s minimum. We saw for an electronics product such as “bluetooth speakers” or “selfie stick” can make 200-300 sales a day if it rank in Amazon 1st page under top#5.

So, it’s really very cool.

Why Amazon Rank is better than Google Rank?

We know that Amazon is not only a eCommerce web portal but also a search engine for finding a best product. Google is a biggest search engine with different types of information but Amazon is only for products. We know google is difficult than Amazon. Because google always giving priority for good & fresh content for rank, Google rank also depends on backlinks, But amazon search rank depend on sales So, Amazon rank is seems not easy bot quality optimization can done it easy if you done buy professional agency
. Amazon search rank the permanent solution of daily sales improvement.

And the others side buyers love to search here to find a product easily. Buyer can make a good sense in Amazon for choosing a product by reading product description, viewing product reviews, BSR and images etc. So, if you can rank your product top position in Amazon by specific buyer targeted keyword then it’ll be better than google rank. Actually, google rank is the 2nd  step but Amazon rank is 1st step for a product because of we will do business in Amazon and it’s the 1st thing.

Is that better than PPC Campaign?

Most of the seller know PPC campaign or sponsor ads. But they also know the cost of it. Ah yes, you can make some sales by it but you can’t boost daily sales by it and you need to paid for it regularly that is so high. And sometimes it’s higher than your total profit. But Amazon keyword ranking is better than PPC campaign or sponsor ads because you need to pay a little cost than PPC advertisement. It’s can me 1 time fee or recurring but never raise the PPC cost. And the clever sellers are always prefer it.

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